Colombia Twitter Trends #MiVotoNoEsComprado

This project is aimed to show a brief analysis of the main “Colombia Twitter Trends”. On a daily basis, we will post the analysis for the Colombia Twitter Trends here. Stay tuned!


Today, we are going to analyze the trend “#MiVotoNoEsComprado

Last update: 03/05/2020, 18:27

Graph of the interactions around the trend

Interactive Chart


Trend evolution per hour

If you have any suggestions or comment about the methodology or how we can make our analysis better, please, don’t hesitate to reach us out.

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Technical Data Sheet

  • Hour of query: 03/05/2020, 18:27:25
  • Timespan: From 03/05/2020, 08:37:20 to 03/05/2020, 18:25:51
  • Total Tweets analyzed: 8121
  • Limitations:
    • Disclosure: We try out best to gather as much as tweets as possible for our analysis. However, be aware that Twitter API returns random samples of public Tweets as they happen. So, it is likely that we miss some important tweets. Please be careful to make rough and strong statements based on the data.
    • We are not able to collect tweets beyond 7 calendar days, so even if we notify about the time span of the analysis, be aware of important tweets might be left out.
  • For interactions calculation, we followed the next formula I=0.5*Fav+RT.
  • If you think there is any sort of bias in the analysis, please reach us out and let’s discuss the methodology.

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