What is Explainable AI? Why is it important?

With the increasing use of AI in our daily routines, it is becoming critical to understand how it actually works. Introducing explainable AI.

What is the path you should follow to become a Chief Data Officer?

Have you wondered what is needed to have a C-Level title in a Data Career? Here are the basic skills you need to become a Chief Data Officer.

Data Engineering for Data Scientist – Why is it important?

There are overlapping tasks in the role of Data Engineer and Data Scientist. Here are some tools of Data Engineering for Data Scientists.

Why is it still important CRISP-DM in 2021?

CRISP-DM is the most popular and most used data analytics process model that describes experts’ traditional data mining approaches.

The Global AI Index review: Which are the best countries in AI?

The global AI index takes a detailed look at various key indicators to measure the who-is-who in the AI industry. Let’s take a look!

Why is Explainable AI important in Finance?

In a nutshell, explainable AI is understandable AI hence its potential application in the financial sector.

Which is the ML models’ bottleneck in producing value?

Machine Learning Operations is requisite for Machine Learning to be possible; it is the lubricant factor in the Machine Learning process.

Is Having a Ph.D. in Data Science Still Worth it?

In an ever-increasing demand for skilled talent, Is having a Ph.D. in Data Science even worth it? Here is one point of view about it.

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