Will Machines Ever Be Self-Conscious?

Will machines ever attain consciousness or be self-aware like the human mind?

What is the Greatest Hindrance to the Artificial Intelligence Learning Phase?

Do you want to know about the biggest bottleneck in Artificial Intelligence learning phase? Here is an introduction.

Analyzing the Emerging Trends in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Analytics in 2021

The Hype Cycle for emerging technologies takes an extensive look at over 2,000 technologies creating a list of some of the more promising emerging trends in tech.

Data Science applications: Improve Domain Flipping

Domain valuation has a lot of inefficiencies that could be exploited by using Data Science techniques. Make it a profitable business.

Natural Language Processing Introduction

NLP or Natural Language Processing is one of the hottest areas of AI research nowadays. This post will introduce what NLP is, the most frequently used techniques, and some applications.

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